Pure Workplace Solutions – Sustainability Statement: We strive to reduce landfill waste and greenhouse emissions by making conscientious decisions when ordering office furniture, office products and with servicing our clients.

Guiding Environmental Principles

  • We present vendors who practice sustainable manufacturing processes to our customers.
  • We request full truckloads of product to ship “blanket wrapped” or with “minimal packaging.”
  • We recycle all recyclable packing materials and discarded furniture parts.
  • We offer a collection of products made from post consumer, rapidly renewable and low impact materials.
  • We encourage our clients to consider re-using their existing furniture by offering such services such as inventory management, refurbishing and reconfiguration.
  • We refurbish products.
  • We support the ANEW Foundation. Transforming Corporate Surplus into Community Service™

Sustainability information from our major suppliers:

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