BA Designs was one of the best things that happened to the IBCT during this hectic timeframe. Once they received the contract, they moved with precision and efficiency to “get the job done”. They actually made it seem easy as they helped throughout the entire process and always stood behind their mission and products. Their team work and winning attitude is a foundation for everything they do and stand for and I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone wishing another furniture and design contract. They are a winning team!
-Kim D. Zimmerman, LTC, LB, FOB Falcon Mayor

Lydia and Lee were fabulous to work with. They are very professional and gave great insight as to what would work and not work in the office spaces. I also appreciate the speediness on us receiving renderings – we would meet with Lydia and receive renderings on the same day. I also appreciate the professionalism of the men who delivered and set up the furniture. They were very cordial. I would highly recommend BA Designs to others.
Amy Tharp, Kansas University Office of Admissions

I want to share with you the very positive experience we had in working with BA Designs on a project to develop a new Center for Digital Scholarship within Watson Library at KU. This Center breaks new ground in terms of how we work with the KU Research Community and it took a considerable amount of discussion and design iteration to find a way to design highly modular space that combines digital production with consulting and office space in a welcoming and open manner. We wanted to avoid something that looked like a lab even as the work we do is highly technical. We also wanted a bit of design “spice” in the overall look which would avoid the look of a cube farm without being too edgy. The team at BA Designs helped us achieve what is truly our dream space. We have received many compliments about the welcoming feel and effective utilization of space. We definitely achieved a “wow” factor within very modular surroundings. Best of all, we have effectively brought together our staff team with our clients and our resources in space that works for all.
You are welcome to contact me if you have questions about our experience with BA Designs.
Deb Ludwig, Assistant Dean, Collections & Scholar –Services, KU Libraries

The Leavenworth Police Department would like to fully endorse BA Designs for its service along with National/Kimball products.
In 2000, the Leavenworth Police Department completed construction of a Justice Center that had a variety of offices, workspaces and storage rooms that needed furniture. Working with Janie Bartee and her staff was a pleasure and we were able to obtain complete office designs that included employee furniture, proper layout, ergonomically designed workspaces, and aesthetically pleasing work environment. For nine years the Leavenworth Police Department has occupied the Justice Center and the furniture has held up well and has allowed for the growth of the organization. The products BA Designs provided allowed for flexibility and durability.
I give my highest recommendation to BA Designs and National/Kimball products.
Patrick R. Kitchens, Chief of Police


Westar Energy
818 S. Kansas Avenue
Topeka, Kansas
Mr. Pat Tryon, Facility Architect
Phone: 785-575-8206

Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce
120 SE 6th Street
Topeka, Kansas
Mr. Doug Kinsinger, Director
Phone: 785-234-2645

Kansas State University Housing & Dining Services
L.W. Davenport Building
Manhattan, Kansas
Mr. Skyler Harper, Associate Director, Housing Maintenance
Phone: 785-532-6466

Silver Lake Bank
2100 Urish Road
Topeka, Kansas
Mr. Pat Gideon, President
Phone: 785-290-2272

Sheltered Living
3401 SW Harrison
Topeka, Kansas 66611
Mr. John Ratzenberger, VP of Development
Phone: 785-266-8686

2400 Pershing, Suite 400
Kansas City, Missouri
Bonnie Holthaus
Phone: 816-329-8600

University of Kansas
113 Strong Hall, 1450 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, Kansas
Tracy Horstman, Assistant Vice Provost, Capital Planning and Space Management
Phone: 785-864-4926

Project References

Westar Energy
818 S. Kansas Avenue
Topeka, Kansas
Mr. Pat Tryon, Staff Architect
2000 – Present, 15 locations
800 workstations, over $7M in design work

Command and General Staff College
100 Stimson Avenue
Lewis & Clark Center
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Roberta Proctor, Project Manager
Allan Bockrath, Director of Logistics
Contract Award #W91QF4-06-R-0014
2007 – Present
Building 120 – Approx. 300 offices/workstations, etc.
600 Workstations

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
400 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
HUD remodeled four floors of existing space in 12 phases. This included new flooring, fresh paint and furniture by Kimball and National Office Furniture. The furniture was shipped six months before the space was ready due to Federal funding restrictions. Furniture for 240 HUD employees was sorted and stored by phases then delivered in monthly installments over the next year.

Kansas Statehouse
700 SW 10th Street
Topeka, Kansas
Barry Greis, Statehouse Architect
2006 – Present
Approximately 200 private offices

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kansas City, Missouri
Contact: John Hunt
Installed Fall of 2009
Approximately 30 private offices

MARS Chocolate North America
Topeka, Kansas
Ashley Teel, Associate Project Engineer
2013 – 105 Workstations and Administrative area

Wichita Readiness Center
Kansas Army National Guard
2800 SW Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, Kansas
Cpt. Michael Liotta, Project Manager
Installed: Summer/Fall 2013
Scope: Approx. 120 workstations, 65 private offices, 150 training tables, 25 meeting areas and multiple workrooms/div>