Learning Environments

Learning Environments

PURE represents leading manufacturers of educational furniture that design and build innovative solutions to support the need for dynamic and responsive spaces. Learning environments must able to be collaborative, flexible, and spaces must be supportive of multiple uses. Furniture therefore must be versatile and mobile, but also must be durable and comfortable. Furniture should be adaptable to the dynamic learning styles of today’s students, and both design and furnishings should have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the learning environment.

  • K-12

PURE employs Education Specialists that are experienced in design, space planning and furniture for K thru 12 learning environments. Today’s modern classrooms require specialized furniture for classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, computer labs, libraries, and other learning environments.

Technology is integral in today’s early learning environments. All of our leading manufacturers integrate designs that support the need for today’s technological requirements and try to anticipate advances on the horizon.

  • Higher Education

On today’s college campuses, students learn in the classroom, or other environments, using various learning approaches, and while relying on the latest in digital devices and tools. Learning happens everywhere, and spaces therefore must be designed purposefully to be adaptable to a variety of learning styles. Furniture must be adaptable between individual and group learning, be able to deploy mobile technologies, and must be designed to best support today’s learning environment.

PURE represents furniture products that are designed to support these evolving learning environments, and the ever-changing learning practices of students, teachers and administrators across the Higher-ED landscape. Our Education Specialists and manufacturers collaborate to share years of design expertise, steeped in in-depth trade research, to design durable highly functional furniture to match the needs of the users, and to support the technology and curriculum in today’s colleges and universities.

PURE represents many leading manufacturers of Education specific furnishings:

  • HON
  • Smith Systems
  • Groupe Lacasse
  • Mayline/Safco
  • Virco
  • Kimball
  • Krueger International (KI)
  • Gressco
  • Jonti-craft
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