When designing a healthcare environment, administrators, facility planners and designers must evaluate many variables. While aesthetics are a key components in designing a well thought out space, there are many other important factors that must be considered.

  • Design and furniture must be family and patient friendly. Healthcare environments must consider human factors. Space and furniture can influence the healing process by creating environments that shorten recovery periods, reducing levels of anxiety and stress, increasing social interaction, and create a supportive, stabilized environment for patients and visitors.
  • Bariatric Solutions. Facilities must factor in bariatric solutions for patients. Safety is the priority and good design accommodates a wide weight-range and ensures structural integrity. Patient dignity is also considered; universal design permits seamless integration of bariatric furniture solutions within a single space.
  • Safety. When it comes to patient care, safety is the priority. Accessibility, ingress & egress, durability, construction, clean-ability, maneuverability, and comfort all factor into building-in safety in a space.
  • Ergonomics. Caregiver workspaces must be designed with good ergonomics. And product are now available to encourage patient-caregiver interaction.
  • Collaboration. All workplaces are becoming more collaborative. Even patient-caregiver interaction is less centralized and the modern environment should be designed with spaces that can serve a multitude of functions.
  • Cleanability & Durability. Specialized fabrics and more durable finishes are available. Protective coatings and removable components, as well as fewer cracks and creases makes for easy clean-ability. This increases the longevity of the product’s life and makes the environment safer.

PURE Workplace represents many leading manufacturers of healthcare specific furnishings:

  • Herman Miller
  • Knoll
  • Kimball Health
  • GLOBALcare
  • HON
  • Sit On It
  • Krueger International (KI)
  • Humanscale
  • National Office Furniture
  • Carolina Seating
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