• Seating | HON | Nucleus

    As sturdy as they are elegant.
  • Seating | HON | Flock

    Flock – where people migrate.
  • Seating | HON | Ceres

    Ceres also has the aesthetic flexibility to reflect just the right personality for practically any workplace environment.
  • Seating | HON | Ignition

    Fits Who You Are
  • Collaboration | Hon | SmartLink

    With the innovative shape of the SmartLink™ Student Desks, you can create dynamic classroom environments.
  • Collaboration | National | Waveworks

    WaveWorks captures the essence of imagination with a sea of choices, dynamic design, sustainable insight and unapparent affordability.
  • Collaboration | Hon | Preside

    Just Add People
  • Collaboration | Hon | Flock

    Build your own social network.
  • Collaboration | Teknion | CLUBtalk

    CLUBtalk™ integrates people, technology and furniture to provide more opportunities for effective collaboration.
  • Collaboration | HON | Voi

    Designed to meet the needs of any user, Voi’s layered worksurfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style.
  • Collaboration | Teknion | Inspiration

    Collaboration ideas from Teknion

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