Teknion Expansion

Tables Brochure

Expansion® Training Tables are designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of training and learning scenarios within corporate and institutional environments. Expansion Training is a versatile collection of mobile, multi-purpose tables that can be configured to create a space customized for focused individual learning, instruction or presentations to large or small groups, and training activities in general use and designated training areas. Designed as a series of simple, interacting worksurfaces and tables, Expansion Training Tables are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be linked together or used as freestanding work tables. Worksurfaces can be specified with fixed-height or height-adjustable legs in three different aesthetic styles; and table units are available in Flip-Top, Crank Adjustable and Folding models. Worksurfaces and tables may be combined with screens and accessories to meet the demands of the learning activity or the specific needs of an individual or team. Expansion Training Tables also address the technological demands of training environments with an integrated wire management system to route and store wires and cables, and deliver power and data