Contessa™ represents the next generation of mesh seating, a refinement of function, comfort and style.

Contessa™ represents the next generation of mesh seating, a refinement of function, comfort and style.
Contessa’s “smart operation” concept – an advanced mechanism that employs levers conveniently located in the armrests – enables users to make adjustments while seated, encouraging accurate positioning and continuous movement. Movement is critical to healthy sitting, allowing the body to continuously regenerate and promote healthful circulation.
Seat Height
· Seat adjusts up and down 5 inches
· Contessa’s “smart operation” adjustment enables the user to adjust the seat height from the exact working posture – ensures they are setting the proper height
Tilt Control
· Contessa’s “smart operation” adjustment enables the user to set the tilt control from the seated position and to make adjustments and alter their position continuously – movement while sitting prevents the user’s back from becoming static
Lumbar Height and Depth
· Height can be raised or lowered up to 2½ inches
· Depth adjusts backwards or forwards up to 5/8 of an inch
· Proper lumbar support promotes a dynamic seated posture and reduces lower back strain
Armrest Pivot
· Arm pad adjusts 20 degrees inward and 10 degrees outward
· The armrests keep arms close to the body – limits stress on the arms and shoulders
Armrest Height
· Armrests adjust up to 4 inches
· The armrests enable the user’s elbows to fall naturally down the body midline – minimizes discomfort in the arms, shoulders or neck
Seat Depth
· Seat adjusts back and forth up to 2 inches
· The seat pan keeps the user’s lower body in motion – allows continuous regeneration and promotes healthful circulation
Tilt Tension
· Four settings provide minimum to maximum tension
· Correct tension keeps the user’s back in contact with the chair – gives the spine the critical support needed to maintain normal alignment
· Includes height adjustment, forward/backward movement and angle rotation
· Promotes a healthy position of the head and neck – maintains the spine’s natural “C” curve in the cervical vertebrae
Finish Selections
· Frame colors – Polished Aluminum, Tess Silver, Ebony
· Body colors – Ebony, Grey
· Seat options – Mesh, Fabric, Leather
Environmental Considerations
· Contessa is 85% recyclable and GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality
· Modular design allows replacement of parts – extends chair’s life cycle
· Major resin components are discreetly identified – aids in recycling or disposal

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