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Projek™ is smart, simple seating designed for today’s workplace where shared workspaces are increasingly common.

Projek™ is smart, simple seating designed for today’s workplace where shared workspaces are increasingly common. Projek, designed by and sold under license from Orangebox Limited, has a clean and unassuming look that allows for visual fit in varied office settings. The chair’s ease and range of adjustment will also fit the great majority of people in a dynamic and diverse workplace.
Seat Height
• Adjustment range of 4 inches
• Allows users to position seat height for proper posture and circulation
Seat Depth
• Adjustment range of 3 inches
• Promotes proper contact with the chair back which helps reduce pressure behind the knees
3D Arm Pivot
• Armrests pivot 180 (feature an auto safety lock)
• More precisely aligns arms with the body
Arm Height
• 2D arms adjust up or down 3.875 inches
• 3D arms adjust up or down 2.75 inches
• Helps improve comfort in the arms, shoulders and neck.
Arm Width
• Arms adjust 2.625 inches
• Allows users to fine-tune arm support to individual size, preference and work orientation
Tilt Limiter/Back Lock
• The travel limiter reclines at three different stops, with the back locked in the upright position
• Encourages movement while ensuring continuous support
Tilt Tension
• Adjustable tilt resistance
• Tailors the amount of resistance when reclining
Lumbar Height
• Lumbar support slides in height 4 inches
• Helps support a healthy posture; promotes comfort and movement
Finishes & Materials
• Projek offers a fresh take on finishes and aesthetics – for an all-neutral silhouette select a Stone finish for the mesh, outer/inner back frame and lumbar support. Classic Ebony is also offered. For a fresh, forward look, mix and match by selecting a finish for each chair part – mesh, seat upholstery, outer back, inner back, lumbar support and base
• Innovative Shrinx mesh back upholstery undergoes a heat-shrink process that molds it to the perfectly defined tension for ideal support. The mesh back also allows air to pass through the material allowing for thermal comfort
• Mesh textiles adapt to the individual body shape, providing superior back support

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