Each furniture manufacturer provides unique solutions that vary in price, function, size, finish offering, performance and manufacturing lead times.

As furniture professionals, BA Designs’ staff supports architects, designers and owners by asking furniture specific questions and providing solutions that best meet the owner’s needs. This process may include assisting in space planning, creation of furniture floor plans, creating 3D renderings and proposing finish palettes.

It is our responsibility to ensure the furniture can be delivered in time, it efficiently fits the space and meets local building codes. We sweat the details like proper orientation of the furniture to provide appropriate privacy or reduce glare from the sun or lights on the computer screen. We make sure the power/data/voice outlets are coordinated with the furniture and that the workstation, chair, ergonomic accessories and task tools fits the person and job function.

In addition to Teknion, BA Designs represents numerous quality manufacturers. Each manufacture offers a broad array of products with multiple options. Most commercial furniture is modular for it to be easily reconfigured as customer’s needs change – this means multiple components must be ordered and assembled accurately to complete even the simplest of furniture orders.

Our designers and project managers work with specification tools to properly specify each part in the right finish, hand, edge detail and size in order to place an accurate furniture order.

BA Designs’ team of project managers and installers provide installation of new furniture, inventory of furniture, reconfiguration of existing products and move of furniture to different locations.

BA Designs’ installation crews are specifically trained and certified by each manufacturer to ensure smooth installation and factory warranties are honored. The Union and Non-Union installation teams are experienced in our entire product offering. If required, they can install 250 workstations a week. For projects outside our area we have a network of qualified installers across the country.

We first coordinate when the furniture should arrive on site with the customer, general contractor, other on sight trades and our installation staff. With key dates in mine we place accurate orders with the manufacturers with delivery instructions. Factory acknowledgements are checked to ensure that each item matches our order and deliver dates are according to schedule. During production, our project managers stay in contact with the customer and general contractor to ensure the products arrive at the appropriate time and our installers are available.