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“Opposites attract,” is a common phrase regarding relationships. One partner’s extroverted, the other an introvert. Or one partner a night owl, the other a “up at the crack of dawn.” These opposing characteristics often creates the drama or “draw” for each person to the other. The same is said of good design. The stark difference between light and dark, the blending and melding of hard versus soft surfaces, or the juxtaposition of an antique with the clean lines of an uber modern piece.  These are the very things that makes a space (or outfit/landscape) so appealing to one’s senses….the dichotomy of the pairing.

In Suzanne Tick’s new textile line for Teknion, she celebrates the relationships between the hard materials in architecture and the soft materials in weaving.  She states its the form and structure being the parallel relationship across the two; leaving no surprise that her new line is in fact called, “Form + Structure.”

A little more about the line    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ewd7we01kg

Tick shared that her textile designs have often been inspired by architecture and the textural qualities it posses by way of pattern, sheen, and shape. She likens the process of weaving to that of building a structure; she creates her textiles through weaving frameworks that morph and evolve with the addition of color and materials.

“Form + Structure” is offered in 9 styles; 5 upholstery and 4 panel fabrics.