The 4th of July conjures up a variety of Americana-esque images for most of us:  the flag, fireworks, bbq’s, and of course, our Independence! So as the well-celebrated day approaches, we our honoring our own Independence and saying in unison, “Let Furniture Ring!”  Ok, so the saying is, “Let Freedom Ring,” but we are a Furniture and Flooring Dealer, people, work with us!

We would like to take a moment this holiday week and not only focus on the fact that so many of our vendor- partners are American made businesses, but that so many of those businesses started decades ago based on the time-honored American work ethic that this fine nation was built. Not only did they start from humble beginnings, but they have weathered the economical storms and ever-changing buying practices and have evolved to meet those changing times and remain standing today! USA! USA! USA!  (Perhaps I shouldn’t be writing this with the World Cup in full swing?)

Along with honoring those businesses, we’d also like to send a shout out to all our fellow small, locally owned businesses who have managed to stay relevant and financially sound amidst years of economic turmoil and change. Is there a one of us who hasn’t had to play “Fortune Teller,” to some extent as to how/when/what the next turn will bring, or in a moment of reflection think about how things,  “used to be” and long for a more predictable time?  We honor you for your investment in your community by way of jobs/ investing in local property/infrastructure, for your fortitude in putting in all the hours in front of and behind the scenes, and the personal sacrifices you have made to have a piece of the “American Pie.”  May it be topped with a generous helping of your favorite ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top for good measure for many years to come!