If you are of a certain age, writing an essay on this topic was status quo sometime the first week of school for most of your youth. Some teacher’s are still assigning this task; only they are likely not done with freshly sharpened #2 pencils and wide rule loose leaf paper as they were, “back when I was in school” (where I walked up hill, in the snow, both ways, etc…), but rather, on tablets and projection keyboards!

No matter the mode of communication, here at our BA Designs Kansas City office, we can say that we have spent a large part of our summer “vacation” (if by vacation you mean work week), readying spaces for those writing tasks to take place!  We have been fortunate to partner with several schools on projects this summer, with quite a few of those being in the Olathe School District.  One we imagine Olathe USD# 233 is extra excited about is their newest Elementary School, Millbrooke Elementary.

It’s always exhilarating to see a school come to fruition from empty building – to being adorned in colorful hallways and bulletin boards, rooms outfitted with new furniture, and books carefully organized on shelves, ready to instill a love of learning for the students.  An extra special privilege for those that will call themselves the very first, Millbrooke Mountain Lions!

Take a look at what the students at Millbrooke are about to see at their ‘Sneak Peek’ August 11th; the school is ready and the teachers are too. With that,  get in some more summer while you can – that means school is back in session in just a month!

Millbrooke cafe to stage Millbrooke Classroom 1 Millbrooke Classroom BRC Millbrooke Construction Millbrooke Elem- cafe Millbrooke Main Millbrooke sign