Just about every conversation surrounding the trend of more collaborative spaces and open office concepts also includes the issue for privacy and how to address it while maintaining the open plan aesthetic. This is where reconfigurable wall can paint a very compelling picture. The variety of materials that can be used to establish huddle rooms, private office, conference rooms and “phone booths,” to fill those needs range from fabric to white board to butted-glass storefront and all points in between.

Teknion Wall Install

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Our Teknion Optos/Altos product is a frequent conversation starter due to its non-marring installation, “green story” – based on its stick built qualities and the fact that reconfigurable wall is looked at as furniture and depreciates at the same rate, which is 4 times faster than that of fixed wall construction.

Many people have the perception that reconfigurable wall is inaccessible; the thought is often that it will be more costly than fixed walls. While the product cost may/may not price out more than some fixed wall applications- the speed of installation, the versatility of applications and reconfiguring down the road, the greatly reduced amount of time the area/workspace is non functional, the “waste not, want not” features, and the aforementioned tax benefits certainly are considerable benefits to weigh in on when comparing the two.

Our organizations and workplaces are in constant flux in some capacity or another; smaller footprints, evolving head count and being a relevant business today means you must be fluent to survive. The Optos/Altos product allows that versatility, while also proving to be a prudent investment.