We’re going to Disney World….well, kinda. 

NeoCon 2014 is mere days away; it is the pinnacle event for the A&D industry. The hype of the event itself and parties surrounding the 3 day design world’s, “Eye Candy Palooza,” is impressive!  It’s a lot like Disney World for the A& D Industry! NeoCon is North America’s largest design expo. / Conference for commercial interiors, with over 40,000 architecture and design professionals attending annually.  Its 3 days of  non-stop action, an infinite amount of design and furniture resources, energy and ideas…floor, upon floor, upon floor….upon floor. 

If you’ve never been to NeoCon, we want to help make your experience the best it can be,  a few “Words of Wisdom” if you will, to make it through all 3 days relatively unscathed: 

1) SHOES – The importance of proper, supportive, comfortable shoes cannot be stressed enough. Rumor has it, stilettos and even your most favorite, comfortable wedges have no place here. We aren’t suggesting you need to invest in some new ‘kicks’ for walking the mile, after mile, after mile, but if you can get away with it, you might consider it. Fashion for your feet has no place here.  In fact, it screams “First Timer!” No one wants that, now do they? No, we don’t. Take several pairs of comfy shoes and rotate them out; even carry the spare pair in your bag, as the key to keeping your “dogs from barking” is to vary your footwear and get those feet up to rest whenever you can.

2) MIND YOUR SWAG – As in what Swag you want to schlep around with you ALL.DAY.LONG. With that, either take your favorite large bag with you, or right away find “the one” among the plethora offered at NeoCon and make it your “woobie” for the week.  Carefully select the swag you want to bring back (unless you like to feel like a pack-mule) and strategically place in your bag those alternate pair of shoes aforementioned, a bottle of water (or two) and a few protein-fueled snacks for sustenance,  as needed.

3) MAKE YOUR PLAN & WORK YOUR PLAN- NeoCon is intense, a ton of fun, and yet, somewhat overwhelming.  Make your plan before you go. Visit my.neocon.com/login to search Exhibitors and products, to plan your daily itinerary, and to map out your custom floor plan.    

Well, there you have it…we hope you find this both helpful and mildly entertaining. We look forward to reading your comments on your experience and what, “words of wisdom,” you would impart on how to survive NeoCon.  

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