Larry blog

Yes. Our office fish. If you haven’t been privy to the latest data regarding pets in the workplace, here’s the skinny:

Pet’s in the workplace are becoming commonplace. What may have started by virtue of their humans working longer hours, and a pet’s “needs” remaining the same; a pet in the workplace has turned into quite commonplace, especially in certain professional fields.  And studies show…not only do we love them being here, but we benefit from them sharing our work day.

With more demanding work loads, constant stressors, and longer hours, by virtue of having to tend to a pet, it forces us those much needed, highly beneficial short breaks from our heads-down work. Data reveals that several short breaks throughout the day, allows for greater productivity when we return to task work. There are physical perks as well- our autonomic (think cortisol levels), and cardiovascular function improves, as our blood pressure lowers, when we engage with animals. While there are very distinct camps on the “my pet is better than your pet” front, cats edge out dogs in yielding the best body benefits, or at least so says the data, (those of you allergic to cats would likely oppose these findings!)

Aside from physical personal health, having a pet in the workplace brings people together in a unique way; making the office appear friendlier, more welcoming and unifies the employees in a way typical team building cannot, says pollsters.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to not drop the professional façade when you are knee deep into a pressing deadline, stressed to the max, and “Buddy/Harry/Chloe/Scout” (insert your office pet name here) is relentlessly nudging at your arm for a kind stroke, or has placed his/her head in your lap despite your averting movements and position, with those puppy dog eyes longingly set on you.  At some point you cave. We all do.  We concede to their assertions and science says it’s a good thing we do!

Here at BA Designs, we too have an office pet. He is a very quiet guy that keeps to himself and many times, we forget he is even here. Meet Larry- the fish. Ok, so it’s not quite the furry, loveable office pet that will likely yield the aforementioned health benefits, but he works for us. Sure, I’m the only one that talks to him (at least audibly) and at least 2x in any given week someone while waiting for the coffee to brew proclaims, “Larry’s dead” (his favorite game is to play opossum), but he’s ours and the office just wouldn’t be the same without him.

So we’re curious, who has an office pet out there?